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How can I ensure a client pays at the end of a project?


Billing your clients for services rendered can sometimes be challenging. For instance, late and non-payment of invoices is extremely frustrating, and you might feel like you have little recourse to resolve the issue. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure payment arrives on time, while also having the processes in place to pursue clients who have fallen behind. Business News Daily offers the following advice.

Upon meeting a client, make sure your payment terms are explicitly clear. Also, make sure any agreements between you feature payment terms, including what will happen if your payment is not remitted in a timely manner. For your part, if the existing payment arrangement must be changed, make sure you notify the client immediately so the issue can be rectified and new terms can be made. Being proactive is a good way to prevent any future issues.

While you can request full payment upfront for services, some clients may be uncomfortable with that arrangement. In this case, consider asking for a deposit for work to begin. This deposit safeguards you in the event the person decides not to pay and also ensures that work will be completed to the customer’s liking before the full amount is remitted. No matter the type of payment process you implement, make sure invoices are sent in a timely manner.

If a payment is late, reach out on a regular basis until the issue is rectified. While you don’t necessarily need to be rude about the matter, you should be persistent. If payment is still not remitted after an extensive period of time, consider collection options or even hiring an attorney on your behalf.

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