Litigators Who Can Handle Virtually Every Business Dispute

When business disputes escalate to litigation, experienced legal help is critical to enforce your legal rights or defend claims which can impact your business plans and your bottom line. Because of these challenges, you need a law firm that can fight for your interests in litigation matters.

At Hubbard Snitchler & Parzianello PLC, our team of litigators represents businesses in state and federal court in Michigan, Florida and throughout the United States. Our experienced attorneys have represented clients in the prosecution and defense of nearly every type of business and real estate litigation matter. You can contact our firm now at 313-765-1906 to schedule your free consultation.

Helping Businesses Get The Best Possible Litigation Outcomes

Our attorneys have many years of litigation and conflict resolution experience. They will use this knowledge to prepare your case and create an effective courtroom strategy. While our lawyers prepare every case for the courtroom, these cases often can be resolved prior to trial.

We have represented clients who were facing many types of legal disputes, including those involving:

  • Business termination and dissolution
  • Breach of contract claims and shareholder disputes
  • Business torts, including fraud misrepresentation and interference with business relationships
  • Employment-related disputes, including wrongful discharge, breach of commission agreements, theft of property information, breach of employment, and the enforcement and defense of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements
  • Construction, insurance and securities issues
  • Complex securities cases, including disputes involving account representative and broker-dealer litigation as well as customer claims
  • Real estate disputes, including breach of purchase agreements, commercial landlord-tenant matters and quiet title cases

Skilled Mediators Who Offer Alternatives To The Courtroom

The Supreme Court of Florida has certified attorneys John Hubbard and Mark Snitchler as circuit court mediators. In addition to their certification, both John and Mark have experience with commercial mediation for a variety of disputes. They use this alternative dispute resolution experience to help clients with devices such as arbitration, mediation and facilitation.

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