Protecting The Rights Of Businesses In Breach Of Contract Disputes

Disputes about contract terms and obligations are unfortunately one of the most common legal problems a business can face. Breach of contract disputes can cause expensive problems for businesses and may distract stakeholders from their business goals. If you are facing a breach of contract dispute, you need trusted legal representation who can defend the rights of your business.

The attorneys at Hubbard Snitchler & Parzianello PLC represent businesses in Florida, southeastern Michigan and across the United States in breach of contract cases. Our skilled litigators have more than 70 years of legal experience and a long history of business litigation success. You can schedule your free consultation at our Plymouth, Michigan, or Naples, Florida, office by calling 313-765-1906.

Exceptional Litigators For All Types Of Breach Of Contract Cases

Our lawyers use their experience and knowledge to create a personalized litigation strategy for every breach of contract case. We efficiently investigate the details of every contract and agreement to get our clients the best possible value. Based on this thorough assessment of case facts, we will aggressively protect your rights and work to get your business the best possible outcome.

We represent clients who have breach of contract cases stemming from all types of disputes, including those involving:

Preparing Every Case For The Courtroom Can Get Better Results

While most breach of contract cases are settled or resolved outside of the courtroom, it is essential that businesses have a strategy for trying their case. With a well-planned litigation strategy, businesses can enter into negotiations with the credible threat that they will take the case into the courtroom. This preparation can give businesses a better bargaining position which lets them get a better outcome in negotiations and mediation.

Our lawyers create effective and comprehensive litigation plans for every breach of contract case. With this plan, we can effectively represent your business interests in talks with the opposition.

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