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How could autonomous vehicles change the law?


Throughout history, as things have changed in the automotive industry, laws have also changed. In the beginning, there were very few cars on the road and there were very few roads, so there was not a need for many laws. These cars were greatly limited in how fast they could go and accidents were not a great concern. Then, vehicles began improving, especially here in Detroit, one of the greatest producers of automobiles. More people were driving. Roads were built to handle the traffic, and accidents started occurring. Laws were needed to keep people safe. Today, there are many road laws we have to follow to ensure safety, but things are not done changing yet. Autonomous vehicles are bringing the next wave of change to the road.

The National Conference of State Legislatures explains that autonomous vehicles are still developing, but they are expected to be seen more often on the roads. This is leading lawmakers in various states to start work on laws specifically targeting these driverless vehicles. In fact, there are already laws on the books. Autonomous vehicle laws exist in 29 states. There are more states with legislation in the works.

The federal government is also at work. The main focus at all levels is safety. It often revolved around testing and operation to ensure the vehicle can operate safely on the roadways among regular vehicles and drivers. Laws also aim to help bring this technology to more vehicles to help increase the safety of those vehicles driven by humans. This information is not legal advice. It is for education only.

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