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How do I pick the right executor?


When Michigan residents start working on their estate plan, they must pick an executor. The executor is one of the most important components of your estate plan. They will be the one to follow through on your wishes after you pass. Because of that, it is important to pick the right executor.

HuffPost takes a look at some of the traits you should be looking for in an executor for your estate. First is compatibility. You should be on the same wavelength, so to say. Your executor should be able to make the same decisions you would make. They should share similar core values and principles. You should have the same outlook on any topic that is important to you on a personal level.

Next is their professionalism. These individuals will be working with your loved ones. They should be capable of mediation and discussion. They should also be task-oriented and capable of prioritizing. Having strong organizational skills helps as well. Managing an estate is a lot of hard work. The process often last years. For this reason, people who are starting a family or business venture may not be a good fit.

Finally, how trustworthy are they? You should be able to trust this individual with your life. In essence, that is what they will be dealing with. They should be able to handle all matters in a straightforward and honest way. If they hold these traits, they must be willing to be the estate executor. If they confirm their willingness, then you have found a fitting executor for your estate.

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