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What types of lawsuits are common for businesses?

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There are many different businesses in Michigan. Each of these businesses provides different services or products. Their focus is usually on the work of the business. They are generally worried about production, their client’s needs, marketing and growing the business, the finances of the business, hiring and keeping good employees and other aspects of running the business.

There are other aspects of the business which are important as well though. Businesses need to make sure that they are following various employment laws, regulations for their industry and also must follow the terms of their contracts. The legal side of the business is not something that all business owners may understand completely, but if they are not following laws or contracts, they can find themselves involved in lawsuits brought by people both within the company and outside the company as well.

Common types of business litigation

Businesses can face various types of lawsuits depending on the situation.

  • Employment lawsuits – these are usually based on discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination accusations. It is important that businesses understand what constitutes discrimination and harassment and have good policies in place to properly address accusations.
  • Wage and hour lawsuits – there are both state and federal laws which dictate the minimum amounts that employees can earn and ensure that they are paid extra if they work overtime.
  • Negligence – this could be because an employee was involved in an accident and injured a third-party while they were working. It could also involve people who are in the business and injure themselves while on the property.
  • Breach of contract businesses need to enter into various contracts with customers and vendors. If one side believes the other is not fulfilling their obligations under the contract they may sue for the damages they believe they suffered as a result.

Business owners in Michigan understand their business and how to produce their products and services. However, there is much more to running a business than simply selling a product or service. Especially as businesses grows, they will have more employees and have more contracts with people and other businesses. As a result, businesses may find themselves in litigation to resolve various disputes. Experienced attorneys understand the types of business disputes and be a useful resource.

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